Here’s a list of projects that I have been working on or have finished, both independently and with the company I work for. I’ll be sure to keep this list up to date when I finish up new projects.

Grepolis (NodeJS Library) - 2018

This is a really simple NodeJS library that provides a layer between the browser game Grepolis‘s data and NodeJS projects. It reads the GZipped CSV data into objects that can be easier worked with. My goal with this library, as my first NodeJS library, was to create a simple and small solution with zero external dependencies. There are also several sub projects using this project that are still in development.

Mineral Market - 2018

An app and backend I developed with my company in React Native. The NodeJS backend was also developed in house by me and a team of developers including an API and an administrator area. The mobile versions can be found on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

Spaceminer - 2018

Spaceminer is a browser game I helped develop with Miguel from Meeplabs. My job was to implement user authentication into the backend and make several tweaks to gameplay. This is still an ongoing project for the company.

True Blue - 2018

True Blue was a small business website that I helped develop with Miguel from Meeplabs we developed the website with modern web technologies to match the client specifications for design.

Vibez - 2017

Vibes is an iOS application that I worked on implementing final tweaks and features into the existing codebase before the app store release. Vibez was written in Swift using XCode.

PlanIt - 2017

PlanIt is an iOS application that I worked on implementing final tweaks and features into the existing codebase before sending the finished product to the client. PlanIt was written in Swift using XCode.

Game Management - 2015/2016

Before taking on big public projects I worked on a few Minecraft servers developing, patching and maintaining plugins and large networked server backends. During this time I was in a leadership position also tutoring new developers in the Java language and the tools required for the job. During this time I utilized long time server administration, development and project management skills heavily to make sure everything and everyone worked together efficiently.

Unfinished Projects

I think every developer has a big list of unfinished projects laying around, be it experiments or things that they just lost interest in. I post a lot of these on my Github but I want to point out a couple that I think show some extra capabilities in other languages, toolkits and design situations.

Chat - 2018

Chat is a Minecraft server plugin for Spigot that is a very well developed Chat system (never completed). It exemplifies my coding experties in Java and my love for creating clean, easy to read and minimal code.

Opeity - 2017

Opeity and then the rewrite, for the Chromium Embedded Framework, Opeity-Cef are super simple web browsers made with C-Sharp (C#) using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). I like to develop web browsers because the first programming project I ever made was a really horrible one so I use this as a way to explore languages and toolkits.

Craftian - 2017

Craftian was intended to be a really simple Minecraft launcher that was never completed. This project was developed in C-Sharp (C#) using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). The design is really simple and easy to use and the intention of the launcher was to provide a youth friendly way to play Minecraft without having to worry about versions of the game. There were planned features for auto launching servers and more that would have assisted in the ease of use. There was also supposed to be built in anti-cheat support that would have hash summed and checked game files before launch and during runtime to ensure that modifications hadn’t been made. This is similar to how some anti-cheat solutions for other games worked at the time as well. This was a huge undertaking that ended up becoming too much to handle with my work so I dropped the project for now, hoping to resume someday again.