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Hello! I'm Cryptobyte, a Senior Software Developer and all around tech enthusiast. Looking to help you or your business develop high quality and modular software that fits your needs with a performance and security focus.

10+ Years of experience in Software Development across many tech stacks with a unique passion for computers and technology with a security first mindset. Starting back in 2008 building desktop software in Visual Basic and C# I had a passion for learning everything I could about computers which lead me down some very interesting development stacks including C, 16 & 32 bit assembly and more! I spent a lot of time learning operating systems and deploying  *nix systems serving all kinds of software to the web. This understanding of low level software development and systems enables me to provide unique architectural insight to my clients and to deliver high quality, high performance code.

Over my career I have worked on many projects with companies of all sizes from small tech startups building MVP's and scaling them into full fledged platforms to building solutions for major companies. I've been focusing specifically on the Javascript/Typescript stack for the past 5 years. Coupled with a deep understanding of computers and operating systems I am able to develop robust, well written and modular full stack solutions for both mobile and web applications.

I'm not just a programmer though! I love all things tech related and have experience with many topics. See my Services list below for a more high level overview and feel free to reach out even if what you are looking for is not listed!

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My services cover many areas of the IT industry. If you don't see something on the list please feel free to reach out anyways because chances are I can help!


  • Computer Building, Consulting
  • Computer Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Security System Installation & Maintenence
  • Network Infrastructure Installation & Maintenance


  • Desktop Software Development (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Web Development, Full Stack (Backend, Frontend) ie. Websites
  • Mobile Development (iOS and Android) ie. Apps


  • IoT Development
  • Digital Security Consulting

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