About Cryptobyte

Hello! I am a Software Developer with a passion for developing clean, concise and modular code that is easy to read and maintain. I have been working with a variety of programming languages, toolkits, and version control systems since I was a young teenager and enjoy spending my free time experimenting with new development concepts. My favorite kind of projects to work on are modern and minimal applications that handle complex tasks behind the scenes. I am a Linux enthusiast that spends a lot of time tinkering with *nix servers and hosting a variety of content including my own software and utilities developed for systems administration tasks. I have a love for digital security and reflect that in all of the work I do, developing software that is secure by default.

About Lawlsec

Lawlsec is the personal brand and website of Cryptobyte. This website runs on Hexo with the Cactus Classic theme.

This website has no external advertisement scripts, tracking scripts or any user privacy violating scripts running, as a web privacy advocate I don’t believe in recording that type of data. Access logs are recorded on this website but IP information is anonimized automatically via web server configuration.

Icons made by geotatah from Flaticon are licensed by CC 3.0 BY